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There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something."





   1.  the practice among some peoples of collecting the heads of dead enemies as trophies.

   2.  identify and approach (a suitable person employed elsewhere) to fill a business position.

           "successful managers are headhunted from larger companies"


Whilst the former could sound appealing on a particularly bad day, 2dSearch prefer to practice the second definition.


We believe that an advert on the net can sometimes deliver a result, but think that treasure hunters find more treasure than people who buy lottery tickets.


2dSearch dig for treasure and hunt for heads.  We turn every stone; kiss every frog; and generally search for the best people to work for our customers.


Not the best people who are "on the market."  


Not the best people who are looking at the job boards.


Not the best people who contact us.


Not the best people on our database.


The best people.  Just.

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