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"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Without sharing all of our secrets, we looked at the traditional recruiting model, then added bits here and removed bits there.  We broke down the stages and reviewed the skills needed to best achieve objective.  We reviewed how technology has replaced some parts and improved others.  


Standing back from our invention, we saw... nothing particularly impressive!   So we started again with a blue-sky attitude, and built a new model.


We included a whole bunch of touch points and value adds and classified each of the business processes loosely into four groups (Analysis, Research, Contact, and Screen).  We clearly saw that different people with different skills would be better at different parts of the process.  Then added a requirement for Project Management and threw in Relationship Management responsibilities as well.


We then reduced our costs by cancelling the city offices; swapping staff salary for workplace flexibility; building off site teams, and adopting Agile processes, SaaS, and BYOD.


In our final director's cut, we removed some redundant steps and unnecessary processes, then sat back to admire our multi-step, high-touch, possibly-unique, web-based headhunting machine.  Ta-da!

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