A long time ago, in a land far away, a failing software engineer with a bruised ego reluctantly started working as an IT recruiter, and instantly found his vocation.


In those golden-olden days of the early 90's, highly networked technically, astute recruiters who worked smart and hard were rare.  


They still are.


In a pre-email / pre-internet (ish) world, when CRM's were yellow cards in a box and Data Warehouses occasionally needed WD40 on the drawer runners, credibility and "who-you-know" were a recruiters biggest assets.  


They still are.


2dSearch "search" for candidates through networks, and prefer to find people who are within 2 degrees of separation.


We do not advertise, because we think that someone in your company could do that.  


We do not hire regular recruitment consultants, but have multiple people performing multiple roles on every client project.

We hold approved contracts to supply services to multiple organisations in Australia, including:

- The Australian Federal Government (The Digital Marketplace)

- The New South Wales State Government (SCM0020)

- The Victorian State Government (eServices Register)

We hold a Labour Licence with the Victorian Labour Hire Authority to provide Contract staff in Victoria (not required in other States or Territories that we operate in) and we are one of the only recruitment service companies in Australia to hold a SFIA rate card license.

We treat customers as customers.  We work hard, tell the truth, and try our hardest to do the best job that we can.


Thanks for making contact, we will be in touch soon.